Former Rolls Royce Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is bringing this development forward?

The proposals are being taken forward by Lagmar Properties Ltd. Lagmar Properties has an historic connection with the site having previously secured planning permission for a mixed used development proposal in conjunction with Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd in June 2013 and submitted a further application for a revised mixed use development in November 2017 (latterly withdrawn in January 2019).

What is the role of the Council?

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council will play a number of roles as the project progresses.


The detailed planning application will be submitted to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Planning Department. In their role as the statutory planning authority the planning department will manage the statutory planning process and determine the planning application.

Wider Council (Non-planning role)

The Council, including elected reps for the area, will also be kept up to date throughout the development.

Why is this project being brought about?

This project is being brought forward as part of a plan to regenerate the site with a blend of residential development and commercial and industrial development, meeting need in the area.

Where is the site?

The proposals are for lands formerly occupied by the Rolls Royce factory off the Carrowreagh Road in Dundonald.

The site extends to 7.59 hectares (18.75 acres), and is located approximately six miles from the centre of Belfast; directly north of the Upper Newtownards Road in Dundonald. Carrowreagh Road is to the east of the site and Ballyroan Lane to the east.

What is on the site currently?

The site was formerly occupied by the TK-ECC complex closed in 2004, and the site was cleared in 2012.

Today, the majority of the industrial complex has been demolished with the exception of the canteen building located at the main entrance to the site, off the Carrowreagh Road.

What do the proposals include?

The plans currently propose a mixed-use development, including:

  • C. 3,901 sq. metres (42,000 sq. ft.) of light industrial units (Use Class B2, B3 & B4) with associated parking and servicing provision;
  • Neighbourhood Centre comprising a Petrol Filling Station, Convenience Store and four further retail units with a total area of approx. 840 sq. metres. The applicant has secured agreement in principle for Musgrave to operate the Petrol Filling Station and occupy the primary commercial unit as a Centra convenience store (Use Class A1).
  • C. 154 residential units – a mix of detached, semi-detached, townhouses and apartments. It is proposed that a proportion of the apartment units will be for persons over 55 and essential local workers.
  • A variety of open spaces and associated landscaping.

What level of investment is being proposed?

The project will receive an initial capital investment of £25 million.

Who is investing in the proposals?

The project is being privately funded.

How has the design process been approached?

The proposed development’s design has considered aspects of place, including historical, cultural, social and topographical to inform the design. The site layout seeks to respond to the existing site topography and constraints. Meanwhile the density and scale of the proposals are in keeping with the character of the surrounding residential development.

Have there been any design principles?

The design of the proposed mixed use development seeks to:

  • Utilise the existing site topography
  • Relationship to the site boundary
  • Active road frontage
  • Centralised accessible Public Open Space
  • Respect boundary of businesses within Carrowreagh Business Park
  • Minimise any additional traffic movements along Ballyoran Lane

Will there be any open space proposed as part of this development?

A number of open spaces are proposed throughout the site. A selection of landscape buffers are proposed throughout the site, particularly between the light industrial units and dwellings. Private amenity is provided to the rear of the dwellings ranging in excess of 40 sq m. Trees and hedgerows are proposed to minimise the impact and provide privacy. Private driveways are proposed to the front of the dwellings.

The proposed public open has been sited to be central and accessible to all and will equate to approximately 10% of the overall site area.

What will the tenure of the homes be?

The homes will be sold on the private market. It is proposed that a proportion of the apartment units will be for persons over 55 and essential local workers. Drawing on policy from England , essential local workers is defined as a ‘public sector employee who provides frontline services in areas including health, education and community safety – such as NHS staff, teachers, police, firefighters and military personnel, social care and childcare workers.’

How will the site be accessed and what changes are proposed?

The main access to the site will be from Carrowreagh Road. This access is intended to serve the majority of vehicular trips to and from the development.

Part of the site will be accessed from a secondary access point, also from the Carrowreagh Road, located a few hundred metres north of the main access.

The light industrial units will be accessed from Ballyoran Lane. These access principles align with the access arrangements which were approved in June 2013.

What information will you be submitting in relation to transport and access?

A Transport Assessment Form will be prepared and submitted with the planning application alongside a Travel Pan.

Will construction require the roads to be closed?

Subject to planning being approved we do not anticipate any significant road closures as a result of this development coming forward.

What level of car parking will be provided for residents and users of the commercial units?

Car parking provision will be provided in line with prevailing parking requirements.

What will the economic impact of this development be?

Subject to all statutory approvals, the proposal equates to a £25 million investment in the Dundonald/East Belfast Area.

Investment in local economy via supply chain during construction is valued at £19.6 million.

How many jobs will this development create?

If approved, circa 50 jobs would be expected to be created during the construction phase and a further 105 jobs once the development is operational.

When will the application be submitted?

The application is anticipated to be submitted in the winter of 2020.

When will you be looking to start building?

Subject to planning permission being work on site could begin in winter 2021.

How long will the construction phasing take to complete?

It’s estimated that once work commences it will take approximately 3-4 years to complete the project.

How will the construction site be managed?

The development team will comply with current construction guidelines to minimise any potential negative impacts on the surrounding area.

Will local contractors be brought in for construction?

It is the ambition to create a number of employment opportunities for local businesses.

Why are you holding a public consultation?

As the project is considered a ‘major planning application’ we have submitted a proposal of application notice (PAN) to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, beginning a period of formal community consultation before a planning application is submitted later this year.

Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19 and our commitment to upholding social distancing measures, pre-application community consultation events will be held virtually using Zoom webinars on the following dates and times:

  • Wednesday 4th November 2020 (10am – 11am)
  • Wednesday 4th November 2020 (6pm – 7pm)
  • Thursday 5th November 2020 (1pm – 2pm)

Feedback received will be analysed and will be used to inform the final planning application. A Pre-application community consultation report will be submitted alongside the planning application.

Who are you consulting with?

This consultation is open to all members of the public and we welcome feedback from members of the public, neighbouring businesses and elected representatives.

How can I submit my comments?

There are a number of additional ways you can comment. You can do this by:


Online: Completing the online feedback form here or join a live chat on the website.

Consultation Hotline: 0808 1688 296

Post: Send a letter to: Turley, Hamilton House, 3 Joy Street, Belfast, BT2 8LE.

How long do I have to comment?

Feedback to the pre-application period closes on 19 November 2020. Once the application has been submitted comments can be made to the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Planning Department.

What are you planning to do with the consultation feedback?

All feedback submitted will be summarised in a Pre-Application Community Consultation Report which will be submitted alongside the planning application. Personal details will not be shared with a third party and we will not contact you in relation to any other project or for marketing purposes.

The information you provide will be stored securely until determination of the planning applications. Following determination, this information will be deleted. Unless you have indicated otherwise, we will not contact you about this development.

How will the application be decided / determined?

Ultimately the planning application will be determined by the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Planning Committee, comprised of local elected representatives. This decision will follow the statutory planning process whereby all statutory consultees will provide comment on the application. During the process the public will be able to view all information online and comment if they wish.

The Council’s planning department will make a recommendation to the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council Planning Committee who then consider the application on its planning merits.

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